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Features of the Keyboarding Cover

  1. The Original.
  2. Hands cannot be seen through the cover.
  3. Will not show fingerprints.
  4. Easy to store.
  5. Stackable.
  6. High enough so that student's hands will not hit cover.
  7. Easily fits over keyboard.
  8. Extra seam prevents bowing.
  9. Classroom tested.
  10. Kids LOVE using them!

Studies show that if children learn to type without looking at their hands,
they will become more efficient and faster when typing reports and other
required work. Their speed will increase and their accuracy will improve. Currently, schools are using cardboard box tops or file folders to cover
the student's hands.These have proven less than efficient. Cardboard box
tops do not sit properly over the keyboards (usually moving around as the
student types) and the student's hands hit the box causing much stress
to the student. File folders lie directly on the student's hands becoming
both a nuisance and distraction as the student types. Finally, there is something that will alleviate all these problems. Edu-Key
has a cover that fits easily over the keyboards and allows sufficient room
for the student's hands!

New --- Covers for G-3'S

$11.75 per cover
Call for pricing on 20 or more.
shipping charges apply
Tax (where applicable)
Quantity Discounts Available
Schools purchasing keyboarding covers please forward purchase orders


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